2004 HOPE Awards

The 2004 H.O.P.E. Awards

A fitting tribute to the stars of our generation.

In a world where media is accessible like never before, the evening brought together people who actively desire to reject bad entertainment.  The Cabaret Voltaire (cabaretvoltaore.org) put on the night that was hosted by comedian Neil Hamburger who the Onion says has created:  “three of the smartest, funniest, and most inventive stand-up albums of the past decade “  Hamburger kept the audience on it’s toes and the night was an overwhelming success.

Awards were voted on by the audience prior to the show and absentee ballots were accepted from H.O.P.E. members not in attendance.  Paris Hilton led the award winners with four including Most HOPELESS performer.

Most Hopeless Album

Ashlee Simpson — Autobiography

Remake that Shouldn’t Have Been

The Real Gilligans Island

Worst List Show

Barbara Walters Presents — 10 Most Fascinating People of 2004 (Featuring Paris Hilton)

Most Hopeless Book

Paris Hilton — Confessions of An Heiress

Career Most Likely Over by this time Next Year

Robert Blake

Most Ill Conceived Concept

The Real Gilligans Island

Most Overexposed
(Tie) Paris Hilton


Lindsay Lohan

Most Appropriate Comment by an Entertainment Critic

Over the course of its bloated, nearly 80-minute run time, Snoop Dogg’s self-professed Masterpiece only intermittently comes close to matching its grandiose title. Then again, the more honest Rhythm & Gangsta: The Mediocrity just wouldn’t have the same ring.

Nathan Rabin — The Onion

Most Hopeless TV viewing

Pharmaceutical Commercials

Most Unnecessary Product

Britney Spears Perfume

Most Mindless Reality Show

The Benefactor

Performer With Year’s Biggest Decline

Ashlee Simpson

Saddest Decision by Actor to Accept a Role

(Tie) Dustin Hoffman — Meet the Fockers


James Belushi — According to Jim

Most Hopeless Film

Christmas with the Kranks

Most HOPELESS Performer

Paris Hilton


H.O.P.E.’s Erik Illstorm Launches BLOG With Daily Updates



This is a great site that will, without a shadow of a doubt, be updated daily.  Please be patient with us as we are in a site redesign.  We are expecting to launch next monday.










She’s Baaack!

From the thousands of e-mails of support we’ve received in the last month one thing has become abundantly clear to the staff at the H.O.P.E. offices:  the people of the world have had enough of Britney Spears and she must be stopped.   Amazingly, for a performer who was supposedly “retired”  H.O.P.E. received an inordinate amount of e-mails asking us to help put an end to this meaningless, yet persistently annoying career.  To be honest, it was a bit shocking to us the demand to stop Britney as we thought she was doing a fine job of ruining her career on her own and would simply fade out of the public eye.

I guess we were just being naive.

Britney is back and worse than ever.

– Britney presented a new song titled “Mona Lisa” to Los Angeles radio station KIIS-FM.


– Britney’s in the process of working on a new album, which she hopes to have released sometime before summer. 


– Britney has a music video that’s to be released shortly. 


– Britney’s writing a musical about her time in Hollywood titled Hollywood.  


– Britney’s working on turning her husband, Kevin Federline, into a hip-hop star.   I promise, this isn’t a joke. 


These are all projects that will undoubtedly turn into disasters which we, the public, will have to suffer through on the evening news, and just about every other media outlet available as this trash is shoved down our throats in multi-million dollar advertising campaigns and promotional tours.  Let’s stop the madness before it starts again.


Visit the site www.StopBritney.com for further details and how to help by writing reviews of her albums, signing a petition to keep her out of the news this time around, and donating $1 to buy her a month’s worth of vocal lessons and a one way ticket out of the country, both which H.O.P.E. will present at her doorstep in the form of an oversized check and ticket.

The people of America and the world over did a great job in letting their voice be heard and letting everyone know that they’re sick of Ashlee Simpson through the H.O.P.E. exchange and booing her off stage at the Orange Bowl.  Based on these events we have much less Ashlee Simpson in our face than we did even a month ago and probably will never hear from her again.  I know we can do it again and let’s turn her break into a permanent retirement!.

Keep fighting the good fight!

Chris Jackson

H.O.P.E. Founder











The Silent Majority Speaks Out Against Ashlee Simpson;  False Idol Booed Off Stage at the Orange Bowl.



Amid a chorus of protests from child-adoption advocates and sneers from critics, the general reactionviewers to the controversial Fox special “Who’s Your Daddy?” seemed to be “Who Cares?”

The tear-soaked 90-minute special, featuring an attractive young woman picking her biological father from a lineup filled out with impostors, proved to be a ratings flop, according to preliminary figures on Tuesday from Nielsen Media Research. The Fox show drew a mere 6.3 million viewers, ranking fourth in its Monday night time slot against competing broadcasts on CBS, ABC and NBC. “Daddy” also trailed its Big Three rivals in ratings for its target audience of viewers aged 18 to 49, the group most prized by advertisers. Critics roundly panned the show as tasteless and exploitative. It opened with a young woman named T.J., who had been adopted as an infant, being introduced to a panel of eight older men, including her real father. Through three elimination rounds of questioning, the seven pretenders did their best to fool the contestant into thinking they were her true dads. Impostors stood to win $100,000 if they tricked the adopted girl, who would get the $100,000 herself for a correct pick. Some reviews noted the staging in a lavish mansion with lots of candles bore a creepy resemblance to such reality dating shows as “The Bachelor” and “Joe Millionaire.” In the end, however, T.J. prevailed. Weeping through much of the program and dressed for the occasion in a slinky black halter gown, she zeroed in on her real birth father. After granting him forgiveness, she walked away with a cash prize of $100,000. And in a final twist at show’s end, Daddy presented T.J. with her real birth mother, along with three younger daughters he fathered by his marriage to another woman. Word of the show before it aired sparked a deluge of letters and e-mail correspondence from adoptees, parents and national adoption organizations branding the program’s concept offensive and urging Fox to cancel it. They said the show makes light of the sensitive emotions surrounding adoption. But producers defended their work, saying all involved were willing and informed participants and they had taken care to conduct the program in a tasteful manner. A Fox spokesman, Scott Grogin, said the network also heard from numerous adoptees “who found the show useful and empowering.” “The past 24 hours, on our Web site, we’ve gotten dozens of requests from adoptees saying if we do decide to do another show they’d love to be a part of it,” Grogin said.


   Who’s Your Daddy?


           I’m tellin’ ya Darnell, we got a hit on our hands! 

Now get Rocket Science on the phone and see when “World’s Wackiest Abortions” is gonna be ready! 



DISCLAIMER:  We are sympathetic to Deborah Cantone and the plight of all those who are personally offended by this show’s treatment of the adoption process, however, we at H.O.P.E. object to the show purely on the grounds that it is unimaginative, talentless, and boring reality drivel.   The American public deserves programming with thought, effort, and creativity behind it… not rehashed Springer episodes.



The following story was sent to us by Simone Canterbury, the head of the Australian branch of H.O.P.E.   It was taken from the Australian publication The Age and I can assure you that it is NOT a joke or a prank byThe Onion.    Following the article is a link to an e-mail campaign attempting to stop a hideous show scheduled to air in the U.S. on January 3rd by the name of Who’s Your Daddy?   The campaign was started by Deborah Capone CEO and president of  a charity organization that goes by the name of “As Simple As That.”   The groups mission is to “foster self-esteem in children and teach them to accept, respect, and celebrate all cultures, choices and abilities.”  Their objection to the show is that it turns the adoption process into a hideous game show.   Again, we will reiterate that H.O.P.E.’s objection is that this show is the definition of pedestrian entertainment and we and the American public are bored to tears of being shocked to death.  Who’s Your Daddy? is like Ricki Lake to the 5th power and that’s a tired act we’ve seen.


The campaign already has 5,000 signatures and although Fox has filmed 6 episodes, due to the onslaught of negative publicity have only scheduled one to air.  Let’s join in and put this monstrosity away for good.  It worked when people protested The Beverly Hillbillies reality show and due to the negative press Fox has received already advertisers are starting to pull out of the show.  If we keep making our voice heard, and they start losing money on this trash, they’ll get the picture eventually and start looking for the next Seinfeld instead of the next Who Wants to Marry My Dad?  


Again, be advised this is not a moral stance on the show and if you are signing the campaign through H.O.P.E. please indicate that.


Following the article you can find the link to the campaign.







Who’s Your Daddy?

                                                                                   December 23, 2004 – 10:22AM

- Reuters

Plans to air a television game show in which an adopted woman picks out her father from a panel of impostors have thousands of people deluging Fox TV with letters and e-mails to get the show shelved.

The “Who’s Your Daddy?” show, in which a young woman given up for adoption as a child gets a $100,000 prize for picking out her biological father from a line-up, is the latest in America’s obsession with reality TV programming.  News of the show sparked both a grass-roots campaign among adoptive parents and protests from national adoption organizations who called the idea offensive, voyeuristic and exploitative.

Six episodes have been filmed but so far only one has been scheduled for broadcast, on January 3.  Fox, a unit of News Corp Inc, has yet to respond directly to its critics but said in a statement that although the title was “attention-grabbing” it was not indicative of the content.

Deborah Capone, a single mother with a 5-year-old adopted daughter, is behind an e-mail campaign that has generated more than 5,000 messages to Fox in a week asking for a meeting and for the show to be axed.

“By turning adoption reunions into a game show, ‘Who’s Your Daddy?’ takes an intensely personal and complex situation … and transforms it into a voyeuristic display,” Capone said.

Capone said she was astounded at the response although she has heard nothing from Fox.  She next plans to encourage her supporters to target potential advertisers and Fox TV affiliates to persuade them to abandon the show.

Adam Pertman, executive director of the Evan B Donaldson Adoption Institute, wrote to Fox describing the show as “destructive, insensitive and offensive” to the tens of millions of Americans with adoption in their families.  ”The very idea of taking such a deeply personal, complex situation and turning it into a money-grubbing game show is perverse, destructive and insensitive to others,” he wrote.

Kevin Healey, one of the show’s executive producers, said he was taken aback by the reaction given the fact that the participants, their biological parents, and their adoptive parents were all willing and informed.

“Knowing what we did and the lives that we changed for the positive, I was very surprised. I expected there to be a reaction to the title but I felt people would watch it and then make their decisions,” Healey told Reuters.  Healey said the idea was inspired by a friend who is adopted. “It came from a very pure place not from a place of trying to embarrass or harm anyone,” he said.

Reality programming, in which ordinary people put themselves in embarrassing or emotionally charged situations, has dominated American television for the past three years, producing efforts such as “Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire”, “Survivor”, “My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance” and “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.”




Click the link below to access the Who’s Your Daddy? e-mail campaign.  You will see the Simple As Thatpeople have provided a form letter to use to address Fox.

Under the link you will see we at H.O.P.E. have provided our own form letter that better reflects our mission and problems with the show.  Simply copy and paste our text over the Simple as That form letter or write your own letter in that space to make your voice heard.


                                                                       COPY AND PASTE THE FOLLOWING


To Mr. Chernin, Ms. Wilson, Ms. Shapiro, Ms. Jacobs, Mr. Pierce, Mr. Hallock and Mr. Healy:

I am outraged that Fox Television would consider airing Who’s Your Daddy? in January.  The show is not only demeaning to countless adoption groups, but also to anyone with some form of intellect or a desire to be entertained.

The idea that the people at Fox are so bereft of quality ideas that you have to turn the adoption process for a show is a scary thought indeed.  The fact that you keep churning out shows like The Littlest Groom and The Simple Life while brilliant and talented people sit on the sidelines is not lost on the American public.  You are flirting with disaster and turning people off to the medium of television by the day.

The fact that one of the producers is “very surprised” by the overwhelming negative reaction to the showWho’s Your Daddy? says it all.  So out of touch with reality are your makers of reality programming, we’ve reached a point where it takes massive e-mail campaigns by citizens with much better things to do to keep your trash off of the air.

This programming is offensive on so many levels — from concept, language, to the perpetuation of biases — that you must not broadcast it.   Apparently this time you’ve really pulled a major hat trick of incompetence:  you’ve managed to not only offend the intellect, but also the morality and sense of decency of a large enough group of people that you’re having a hard time getting advertisers.

When Fox TV announces that this offensive and thoughtless program is shelved-permanently we will all rejoice.  Please, just give it a rest with The Running Man routine, stealing other networks shows, and the animals attacking.  Hire some quality producers, intelligent writers, and gifted actors and get the hell out of their way.  The American public, and the world, deserves better.

We are aware that many of the other groups associated with this campaign are requesting meetings to discuss the issue.  Please do not contact H.O.P.E. in any way, shape, or form.  We have had enough and until you turn your substandard and cheap network around we have nothing to say to you.






One H.O.P.E. members take on reality programming.  A great read.





by Ben Hoth

H.O.P.E. Member


What are people going to do in 20 years when they are trying to dress up for a 2000′s party?  I’ve often wondered that.  What is going to be on classic rock stations in the year 2020 when Im driving my 2.3 kids around in my SUV?  What will my generation be remembered for?  What will my grandchildren study in American Lit?


I have terrible suspicions about the answers to these questions, but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt who isn’t asking them.  I know for a fact who isnt interested in the pervading cultural theme of my life…the people who decide what on what it’s going to be:  the people who determine what will be on the radio when I turn it on, the people who publish books by Paris Hilton, the people who read the script for Meet Joe Black and decided Brad Pitt could probably sell enough tickets anyway.


It would take too long to speculate on how we got to this point exactly, although I often spend time thinking about it.  I think the bottom line is that for at least a decade now all of the evolution that has driven pop culture is toward lower costs.  Television and music producers have responded to the explosion in competition (cable TV, the internet, piracy, etc.) by flooding television with reality TV garbage and mass music artist signings by genre.  The cornerstone of reality television is the cheap production cost.  You would think from the volume of reality shows that your friends and neighbors really have an interest in this stuff, but what is being pitched to the studios is bottom line numbers.  In an era when genuinely good shows earn less than they used to because of the amount of competition, studios and investors are turning easier bucks by putting out more reality crap.  Why is reality so much cheaper?  The actors aren’t considered actors since the shows are “real”, as such, the cast and crew are all non-union which sidesteps all of the SAG requirements.  The onscreen personalities are paid in “celebrity”, i.e. just enough money to keep them going and the opportunity to be on a big television show.  Many times they are put in the role of quasi-”contestant” and they compete for an amount of money that may seem large but is exponentially cheaper than paying a dozen C-list onscreen personalities.


The most effective producers in this paradigm are the most brutal accountants, the people who are able to squeeze the most from people for the least.  That spark of creativity and ability to do something unique stopped being the hot commodity in Hollywood, and we all have to suffer through the substance vacuum.


The thing that we lose sight of is that we aren’t contributing anything anymore.  There is almost nothing that major studios and labels offer that is thought-provoking or insightful or even very funny.  For every hour we spend watching someone eat goat crap or play dodgeball, we are just treading water.  Wasting time.  That is the goal of all our modern entertainment.  Turn off your brain for a couple hours.  What is more…that is our pervading cultural theme.  That is what we will be remembered for…wasting time.  I appreciate people trying to make a buck, but America should demand more for its attention.  When I look back on my life I won’t give a damn about Full House reruns or Who Wants to Marry a Douche Bag?…and I hope my life is important enough to me to not waste too many hours that I could have been making memories with.





H.O.P.E. (Horrified Observers of Pedestrian Entertainment) is offering the good people of America who have been duped into buying Ashlee Simpson’s CD a reprieve; the opportunity to turn in her CD for one of a higher entertainment quality. Elvis Costello, The Ramones, X, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, Aretha Franklin, Mr. Bungle, Ray Charles, Abe Lincoln Story, Neil Hamburger, Joni Mitchell, and Brian Wilson.  These are not endorsements of the CDs we are sending.  If you receive a CD and it doesn’t appeal to you, you are welcome to exchange it until you get one you like.

Due to the overwhelming response, and the public’s suggestions of other substandard artists for trade, this exchange will continue indefinitely and will be expanded to include other artists who are detrimental to the public’s well being.

Starting immediately we will also accept any Britney Spears,  Jennifer Lopez, Nick Lachey, Jessica Simpson, Creed, Paris Hilton, Limp Bizkit, and any boy band albums for trade.

If you’re in a city outside NYC or L.A., contact Hopeinfilm@aol.com or visitwww.hopeinamerica.com for an exchange.

For the people of New York, the Knitting Factory’s run is over due to circumstances beyond our control, but we will be updating shortly as to other locations for the exchange.

Please be advised we are accepting exchanges based on the low entertainment quality of her music as well as her live lip-synching.










H.O.P.E. profiled on CNBC’s “Squak Box” and ”Power Lunch.”  Chris Jackson interviewed.



“Further confirming that Ashlee Simpson is this generation’s answer to the Yugo, a group in New York City has gone to great pains to determine her trade-in value, which is surprisingly generous, if you ask us. In the wake of her lip-sync debacle, a gaggle of concerned music lovers — dubbing themselves Horrified Observers of Pedestrian Entertainment, or H.O.P.E., for short — has arranged for the singer’s fans to get something more than just a thank-you note from the trash man for copies of her Autobiography album. All folks have to do is swing by New York City’s Knitting Factory club between the hours of 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. (or go to the hopeinamerica.com Web site) and they’ll be able to trade the coaster for an album featuring real singing. We wouldn’t mind seeing what we could get for our stash of tunes by Ashlee’s big sis — a couple bags of pork rinds seems fair to us . “


– Rolling Stone – Nov. 12, 2004



Thanks to the good people of America and the world over, hundreds of Ashlee Simpson CD’s have been traded in with potentially thousands more to come.  Over 4,000,000 visitors have come to the site, with massive amounts of letters and e-mails flooding into the H.O.P.E. offices voicing support for the cause.  Thanks to ABC, NBC, MTV, Rolling Stone, Yahoo Launch, Google News, MSNBC, Access Hollywood, E!, and many, many more for helping spread the word.

A great piece from E! online:


News of the trade in has spanned the globe, with coverage on ABC Australia, the BBC in England, as well as outlets in Spain, France, New Zealand and India all chipping in to spread the word.  You, the good people of America and the world, are making a difference!  Your voice is finally being heard!

If you haven’t received your exchange so far or we haven’t responded to your e-mail, please hang tight folks, we’re swamped here and should be able to get to everyone shortly.  Over 300 Ashlee CDs have been exchanged so far with many, many, more to come.






Hey, I just wanted to tell you all that you are doing a great job of rooting out such talent-less so call celebrities.  I am from South Africa, and even here all you see in magazines and on satellite TV is Paris friggin’ Hilton.  The first time I saw her first thought was – what have you done to be so famous?  The mind boggling thing is that she has done absolutely nothing to be considered famous.

I second that Ashton Kutcher should be relegated to the back of the line.  He is truly a no-talent hack.  He is shamelessly grasping on to the limelight by hanging onto that other no-talent has-been Demi Moore.

Anway, keep it up.





I live in London and I’d love to get involved with HOPE campaigns over here.

I think you’ll be interested to know that HOPE is being promoted on BBC Radio 4 tonight, 6:30pm on a
topical satire programme called The Now Show. The comedian Mitch Benn has discovered your site and has
written a little set and a song about it. I was at the recording of the show, and I really hope it gets
broadcast so other people hear about all this! I look forward to hearing about how I can join up,
until then, keep up the good work!

Fiona Wilkie.




Hi my name is Knut and im from Norway.  It’s always nice to see americans taking responsability for the hell you have unleashed on the world in the shape of Ashlee and Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, Cristina Aguilera and the rest of the second rate entertainers of America.


Knut-H Nordskog



hi there.

when I heard of HOPE I couldn’t stop smiling, well done.




you people are awsome

i heard you on Triple j on A.B.C in australia, but more importantly so
did my girlfriend. she asked me if she can borrow my amiee mann C.D.

after 1 1/2 years i’ve never manage to enlighten her.

you guys did it in a 5 min. segment at 5:45 e.s.t on the 23/11/04.

you people are awsome!

Thanks guys

C. Mcfarlane


please let me know how to join



Good work!

Sara, Oslo, Norway


I just want to support your cause. I think it’s great that you are trying to expand people’s minds.  It’s about time and we deserve good music!!! And good t.v.!!!



Hi there,

I produce a talk show on Beat 102-103, we cover the South of Ireland. I came across your website today and found it very entertaining – I would love to give it some coverage on the show, and wondered if someone involved in the site would be around someday to have a chat with us on the air. We’d love to find out more about what the site is all about, how it got started, and how listeners can get involved.

The show is called Beat Talk, the presenter’s name is Niall Power, and telephone interviews usually last around five minutes.

Let me know if you are interested and we can set up a time and day.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Patrick Haughey



I just saw HOPE on CNBC Squawk Box.  I think what you guys are doing is great and I think the message is good, about needing talent to be successful… or next we’ll have Britney running for political office and winning. (perhaps only in California, but nonetheless.)

Please place me on a mailing list if you have one.




Hi my name is Cyna Strachan
I am 13 years old and I live in Australia.
I really beilieve in what you guys do.
I constantly have to watch bad music being produced
especially going to an all girls school…!!

I absoultley love the ramones they are my faviurite band ever.
I would really like to become a memeber, even if i am in australia





Look out Britney, there’s some people out there who think you might be next.

We’ve received many e-mails over the past few weeks asking about ways you can financially support what H.O.P.E. is doing.  We are a non-profit organization and any money donated to the movement will be chanelled directly into ad campaigns, protests, national commercials, and funding of the arts that support the mission of quality entertainment as we put a stop to the Britney Spears and Ashlee Simpsons of the world.  Understand there are many ways to spread the word of H.O.P.E. and your efforts are equally appreciated, this is simply one way to help out.



If there are items in the store you’re interested in but can’t afford to make the donation for,  e-mail www.hopeinfilm@aol.com for details.




We received e-mails from H.O.P.E. operatives this week that another victory was scored for H.O.P.E. over Paris Hilton and the forces of evil, this time at the club The Velvet Underground in Miami.  Interviews with those in attendance to come.

Coverage was taken from the Sun – England’s largest paper.

                         HILTON BOOED OFF STAGE
Blonde socialite PARIS HILTON’s attempts to establish her pop career failed miserably at the weekend (02-03OCT04) when she was booed off stage. Long known in her native America for her partying and shopping exploits, Hilton is keen to have a serious career since becoming an international name last year (03), when her sex tape with ex-boyfriend RICK SALOMAN was leaked onto the internet. Revelers in a Miami, Florida nightspot were disgusted with THE SIMPLE LIFE star’s rendition of her debut single SCREWED, which according to Britain’s THE SUN newspaper, was ”lip-synched”. Clubbers ignored Hilton’s cover versions of DAVID BOWIE’s FAME and a BLONDIE track. One reveler says, ”Paris quickly left.”


Book sales for “Confessions of an Heiress” are down as is her rating in the Yahoo Buzz index. H.O.P.E. however has recieved over 200,000 web hits in the last month alone and has received thousands of positive e-mails from all over the globe.  We’re winning, America!



This article was taken from the National Post — Canada’s version of USA Today

                              Paris Hilton must be stopped!

                                        B Y SA M A N T H A G R I C E
The group considered waiting for National Lampoon’s Gold Diggers to make its red carpet premiere. And they also thought about christening their new organization with a US$18-million fundraiser to stop Steve Martin from selling himself out in stupid, substandard movies. But when H.O.P.E (Horrified Observers of Pedestrian Entertainment) learned Paris Hilton would be signing copies of her new “book,” Confessions of a Heiress, at Book Soup in West Hollywood, they knew this was just the kind of offensive cultural event they had been waiting for. “It was perfect,’” recalls Chris Jackson, the group’s founder. “Of course, it presents a dilemma because how will we ever find something to match this again?” he says, explaining that for a good portion of his life he’s felt dissatisfied with the quality of pop culture in his country. Jackson rallied the troops to the Sunset Strip (the heart of bad culture) where they set up camp across the street from the book signing. Their mission: better entertainment for Americans. “We’re almost like a consumer advocacy group, service,” says Jackson.

More than a hundred people showed up and used Hilton as the scapegoat through which to express their exasperation with bad sitcoms, mind-numbing reality television and talentless celebrities. Their signs asked questions such as “Why?” or more specifically, “Why are you famous?” And offered advice such as, “Read a book, Don’t write one.” Others skewered the hotel chain princess with “You Can’t Buy Brain Cells,” and “I’d rather watch a Stephen King Porn than Read a Paris Hilton Book.” They also saved a few words for the entertainment reporters there to cover the event, “Media: This is not news. Go Cover Something Important!”   And they chanted — “Prose before Hos.” Cars honked, the police were supportive and the talking heads from E! and ET interviewed Jackson. He jokes he’s never felt more of a connection with the world than at the Paris protest. “I thought to myself, ‘I live in a good world! And I would have never known that by watching TV.’ ”

Lined up in Hilton’s corner, among the sad, celebrity-obsessed middle-aged men and women, were a family of devout Christians looking for an autograph. When asked how they think Hilton supports Christian ideals, they responded that when Paris signed their book, they would tell her that she was in her prayers. “They’ve done this at every celeb book signing they’ve gone to,” explains Mollie, a H.O.P.E. member.

Another thrilling triumph for the group came when they managed to deprogram a couple of teenagers who had initially crossed the street to defend their favourite celebrity against H.O.P.E.’s seemingly unfair attack. “They were smart girls,” says Jackson.

“It’s not so much that we hate Paris Hilton, just the fact she is destroying our culture,” he explains. “But she is symptomatic of a larger problem. It’s not just her.” It’s also Ashton Kutcher, J.Lo, Ben Affleck, P.Diddy and company. “It’s anyone who doesn’t have any real talent or ability who is being mass-marketed and shoved down our throats,” he says. “With Ashton it’s as simple as he is not a talented person. He is not a good actor. I know the producers of Punk’d and they make it look like he writes the show but he doesn’t. And he makes it seem as though the show is his entire brainchild, but if you sat down with him for 10 minutes you’d see that anything funny is not his.”

With Hilton, what rankles the group — and almost everyone who is aware of her presence on the planet — is she is famous because she is rich. She has enough money to buy fame. “And on her show she insults middle America and she hasn’t done anything to warrant that,” says Jackson. “And then we’re told to worship her because she has so much money.”

On the bright side, he says, fewer people than you think watch these shows. We are led to believe they are popular and newsworthy because they are marketed so heavily. “And think of your life on a normal day, how many people do you come across that would actually go to a Paris Hilton book signing?”

If you’re wondering how H.O.P.E. feels about Britney Spears, well, of course, they think she’s awful. But in her case they don’t think they will have to intervene as Spears is doing a fine job of falling out of public favour all by herself. “They are all going to fall off eventually, we are just trying to accelerate the process,” says Jackson. “But even more than that, try to put a stop to the next one.”

   If you would like to join the H.O.P.E. protest of crime against the entertainment landscape go to www.hopeinamerica.com
National Post

A protestor asks an excellent question, the answer to which is: Porn and money.



Paris Burned!!!

A massive victory was scored for H.O.P.E., the good people of America, and those who want better entertainment around the globe as over 100 members showed up to protest the Sept. 13th Paris Hilton book signing in Los Angeles.  Entertainment Tonight, EXTRA, MSNBC, E! Television, The Defamer, and KPFK were among the media who covered the event.  The voice of the people was heard!  Americans finally have a voice regarding their entertainment, and it is H.O.P.E.

“If you think all publicity is good publicity talk to O.J. or anyone associated with Gigli.”

 Kara Palmer — H.O.P.E. member



Book Soup in Hollywood

Join us as we protest this crime
against the entertainment landscape…
and humanity.
Read a book. Don’t write one!
Monday, Sept. 13 at 7:00 p.m.
Book Soup
8818 Sunset Blvd., in West Hollywood
Paris Hilton of “The Simple Life” will appear
in person to sign copies of her new book
Confessions of an Heiress
…and we will be there too.
For Further Details or if you’re interested in becoming a member and participating
in this and other upcoming HOPE events, e-mail us at  HopeInFilm@aol.com.

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