H.O.P.E. Art Gallery and Contest

A patron of the arts, H.O.P.E. is offering artists and lay people alike an opportunity to be displayed at a major gallery opening in Los Angeles.  The art can be of any form, but must reflect the mission of H.O.P.E.    Paintings, sculptures, and any form of art will be welcomed, but it must be submitted electronically.  This contest is not meant to turn art into a form of competition, but a way of giving back to you, the public, and allowing people without the necessary connections a forum to create and express their artistic vision. 



Send a Jpeg file of your work, regardless of form, to HopeInFilm@aol.com





First prize will win $500 cash, H.O.P.E. shirts, CD’s as well as a prominent place in the gallery and a trip to Los Angeles to attend the opening night. 




H.O.P.E. buttons and $100 cash





Third, Fourth and Fifth place will recieve merchandise and will be noted as honorable mentions in the gallery. 

This is our humourous sample. Your work need not reflect this specific piece.  We are looking for creativity within the form and originality.  Your work simply must reflect the vision of H.O.P.E.  Have fun, and we will update reguarly with details.

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