Member Quotes

“These people are doing a service for the common man….raising the bar for the good of all those who desire to be entertained. ”

- Christy Potter…. H.O.P.E. member
“Hundreds of words and many phrases that we all use today were coined by William Shakespeare, four hundred years after the fact.  It’s easy to see why.  Creative works of substance steer our whole culture; they shape the way we see things, they change the way we say things.  I see the music industry trying to stifle music.  I see the film industry acting like McDonald’s.  I see the same publishing houses that printed Mark Twain now printing novels written by Pam Anderson.  All around me there is good entertainment that should be our new culture; and it is being drowned in POD albums and Friends reruns.  In a world where media is accessible like never before, it is our moral duty to reject bad entertainment.  What if you had a child and he turned into Robin Williams?  Is that what you want people to be like in another 400 years”
– Ben Hoth… H.O.P.E. member
“I can honestly and truly say I am recovering!  The truth is though, I always knew and said to all who cared to listen, I would never watch that crap if I wasn’t paid to.  And that’s the truth!”Mary Pringle… H.O.P.E. member

“These social and cultural re workings pulled over on us by these lesser minded of our youth, that have become like modern day gods influencing us straight into the toilet, with a million and one different versions of vanity and uselessness parading around as if the ultimate resource.  We must replace their replacement, and do it with love, and bravado.   Everything has become like a modern day, crappy sweet valley high novel, entertainment in no way representing a shining example of greatness, or what one can become, but rather our stars are people that one wouldnt want to end up being.  Pseudo heros, selling stale , imitation art.”
Devin Lashay …. H.O.P.E. member
“It sounds like a good and worthy cause.  I am a journalism student, work at a design school, think Paris and her doggy resemble each other and don’t care for her new book… Everyone in my camp feels pretty much the same.”
Angela James …. H.O.P.E. member
“I have this terrible recurring nightmare where everyone I know communicates through idiotic catch phrases and one-liners.  Where I feel completely disenfranchised from the rest of the world and where the popular culture is of which I can’t relate.  Where I feel like every joke I’ve heard, every story I’ve been told and every conversation I’ve been a part of with no originality or thought behind anything that’s being said and done.  And then I wake up and realize it’s my life and I fell asleep in front of According to Jim  God, deliver me from this evil.”
– Mike Patrick …. H.O.P.E. member

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