“Movies aren’t my thing yet.” 

– Jimmy Fallon, actor, USA TODAY 08/04

The Jimmy Fallon vehicle Taxi has been identified by H.O.P.E. and the good people of America as substandard entertainment and unfit for the silver screen.  Confirming suspicions based on Fallon’s SNL work as well as trailers and reviews of the film in the mainstream press,  the H.O.P.E. office was deluged with e-mails from movie goers following Wednesday night’s premiere saying Taxi lacks any form of creativity, humor, or intelligence.  As a service to America, over the course of the next two weeks H.O.P.E. will be dispatching members to theaters where Taxi is playing to alert patrons in line to see the film that it is substandard fare.  The H.O.P.E. staff will also be offering suggestions for alternate viewing options available at the theater or to more entertaining activities in the area for those who choose not to see the film.  For a compilation of reviews from press around the globe onTaxi, please visit


“I read a zillion scripts, and I was trying to find my thing, but I didn’t really have time.”
– Fallon, USA TODAY 08/04

“Can you ask for a better opening, even if the movie is terrible?”

– Fallon, when asked about the 20th Century Fox studio
 theme opener to Taxi.  USA TODAY 08/04
“He’s a young Robin Williams.”
– Tom Rothman co-CEO, 20th CENTURY FOX on Fallon.

Taxi runs out of fuel after the opening credits.”

 – Jan Stuart, NEWSDAY

“…wall-to-wall idiocy…”
– Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times


“…bland, half-finished film that seems to

 have been conceived as off-peak cable fodder.”

 – Dave Kehr, New York Times

“Why lord, why?”

– Michelle Crawford, H.O.P.E. member



H.O.P.E. winning the battle against hopeless film.

Thanks to the efforts of H.O.P.E. and the good people of America educating the unsuspecting, Taxi opened disastrously this last weekend.



 On the opposite end of the spectrum lies the heavily advertised Taxi. Though the initial teaser was good and audiences responded favorably, in the weeks leading up to the film, the marketing was slipshod at best. Queen Latifah might just have used up all audience good will on the horrendous Bringing Down the House, and Jimmy Fallon is a marginal SNL star at best. The film managed a meager $3.7 million on Friday after a dismal Wednesday and Thursday.



Film officialy laid to rest in Pittsburgh P.A.

“Those were two hours of my life I can never have back, but thanks to H.O.P.E. now at least I have a sense of closure.”

Ashley Jamison – mourner and new H.O.P.E. member

H.O.P.E. and America triumphed again last Thursday after waging what E! online called “an all out war on the Jimmy Fallon bomb Taxi”.  The film was put out of its misery with a funeral for its death held at Lowes Theater on the waterfront in Pittsburgh.   Seven taxi cabs circled the theater, and a gathering crowd cheered on as H.O.P.E. members gave last rites, shared  feelings about the monstrosity, and Chris Jackson delivered a fitting eulogy:

Taxi, we are sending you off to the great unknown of basic cable with other such films by SNL alums as Night at the RoxburyThe AnimalThe Ladies ManConeheads, and Superstar. Jimmy Fallon, may God, and the USA cable network, have mercy on your soul.”



Thank you to Alicia Durazo for coordinating the Chicago campaign, Jingo and Hahu in Philadelphia, Greg Johnson in Phoenix, Amanda Morgan in Toronto, Ben Hoth in L.A., and Josh Burt and the great students at the University of Pittsburgh for your help.  Your flyers and time really made a difference in warning people about the film.  You saved a lot of good people their hard earned money and your efforts should be applauded. 

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